It’s time to wrap up the Christmas presents & 2015

01: NEW HOME, with Plamen. New washing machine. New work project. K.E.F. #2. Poang x2. Surva @Pernik.

02: Plamen turned 30. One year together. Celebrated @The Ohrid Lake.

03: Big Brother proposed! I’m going to have a sister-in-law. Geri’s 25th. Yoga. Roterdam. Plovdiv. Coaching Basics.

04: Sapareva Banya. Crazy’s 30th. Petra&Petko wedding♥. OMEL @Hisarya. Big Brother’s 34th.

05: Perperikon. Two weeks in Boston. Wood-cutting party.

06: K.E.F. #3. Telenor. OMEL @Sozopol. Mum’s 58th. OMEL wedding♥. Plovdiv.

07: Vladi&Emi wedding♥. Essence #2. The art of relationships @Burgas. Dad’s 59th.

08: Ruse #1. Astrology. Shiroka polyana. GrandMa’s 80th @Orehovo. Blood donation. New living room. Brown and Beige.

09: New job. A week in a trailer @The Greek Seaside. Big Brother&Geri big wedding♥.

10: I turned 30. A week on the Canary Islands. MaNina wedding♥.

11: Money machine seminar. OMEL @Panichishte. Team-building @Borovets.

12: One week in Boston. Progress Global Sales & Marketing Kick-off 2016. New sofa.

To recap: A ton of love. Quite a few blessings. A number of milestones. 5 seminars. 5 weddings. 16 flights. Countless new friends, photos, birthday parties, babies born…

2015, you’ve exceeded my expectations! So warm & humane, so breath-taking & spectacular, so transforming… So many people & experiences to be thankful for.

2016, here we come.

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