A perfect 28.

It was a perfect day. No, not as high as mount Olympus or the Empire State, not as gourmet, not involving as much dancing, not as devilish/angelic or masked as they used to be. But still, in its own way, perfect!

 Started out as a Saturday morning, with a surprise chocolate cake (no, 28 is definitely not too old for candles!), a beautiful gift and breakfast with my favorite brother and his girl. Continued with a family brunch (yes, home-made Mimosas included), a huge basket of flowers, laughter and a family portrait! Then, a warm walk down-town at dusk including the best of friends, ice cream, French 75, multi-colored roses and somehow – and Irish pub & a Guinness. Simple life is brilliant.
Lots of conversations. Lots of unanswered questions, many challenges and many decisions ahead. Lots of uncertainty and more frightening questions to ask. But it would be too easy and boring, if it were otherwise, right?
Fearless, always smiling, radiant, happy, a bubble of enthusiasm and positive energy are just a few but repeating themes that my friends and acquaintances used to describe me. I guess I managed to get one thing right in my short 28 years. Looking forward to whatever comes next!

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