Resolutions 2.0.12

The first post for the year is an easy one (well not exactly) – Resolutions.

I have never before created resolutions for a whole year. I do tend to fix some goals, achieve them and make a review of those. But I never did it on a yearly basis. The goals are not in particular order of importance, some of them are quite easily achievable, others are a bit more tricky. I hope to finish all these, and to add even more during the year. So here is to a spectacular year!

  1. Help my mum fight her illness. Every way I can.
  2. Start and finish the 90-day-diet. Started on the 2nd of January. Goal end date: April 2nd, 2012. Well almost there 🙂 Didn’t finish it really. But I did start and finish another one and I am quite pleased with the results 🙂
  3. Write every day. Not sure if it will be a blog post here, or a newsletter, or a professional blog post, but I want to write every day.
  4. Make a couple of new friends.
  5. Go to Pilates 2x a week. Stopped for a while in February (it was -12). But started yoga, and I am visiting the classes every week!
  6. Read more books on my Kindle. Currently I have around 100 books to read…more than Enough for 2012.
  7. Learn more about YogaAyurvedaZen and Buddhism.
  8. Finish a 10-week cooking Ayurveda course. Goal start date: February 8, 2012. Finished! Although I missed like 50% of the classes 🙂 Still I learned a lot about cooking with the right kind of spices.
  9. Go to one massage per month. February. March. April. May.
  10. Travel more. Booked a trip to Milan & the French Riviera for February. Went skiing for 5 days in March.
  11. Improve my coding skills. Signed up for a weekly challenge with the Codecademy.
  12. Improve my HTML skills.
  13. Get to know the product I am branding to the core. Yes – Yes 🙂 It’s happening!
  14. Back up all my digital photos.
  15. Shoot more pictures.
  16. Make an Instagram photo-book. Made fridge magnets from 9 of mine favourite Instagram pictures.
  17. Buy a camera, or a phone with better camera. Bought the iPhone 4S on March 8th. Shooting more now 🙂
  18. See at least 3 good plays. And/or visit the Opera.
  19. Get eyeglasses for PC.
  20. Get together with friends more often. Host a big game night.
  21. Watch Cirque du Soleil. Done!
  22. Start looking for my own place.
  23. Save up.
  24. Start a fund “My 2013 trip to NY
  25. Plan a trip to Cuba and/or London.
  26. Start dancing salsa again and reconnect with old friends.
  27. Learn to cook at least 12 good-tasting dishes. One for each month.
  28. Own a tablet. Check. Motorola XOOM. Not my first choice, but as we say in Bulgaria “you don’t look at the teeth of a gifted horse”, meaning that if it is a gift you should appreciate it and not look at its flaws.
  29. Watch even less TV.
  30. Finally, put my docs in order, find a master’s degree that absolutely inspires me and start studying again.
  31. Try something new every month.
  32. Go to TedxBG. Done. 

What are your goals? What will you strive for in 2012? Personally? Professionally?

2 thoughts on “Resolutions 2.0.12

  1. Can I join to couple of things? 🙂
    For instance – count on me ALWAYS for number one!!!
    Number 8 – sounds nice? Need a friend along?
    Number 9 – suggestions for a good place? 🙂
    Number 10 – WOWOWOW! U did? How nice of you! 🙂 🙂 I plan to visit Bobo for my birthday, but it is still a plan.
    Number 15 – Bobo left his old camera this Christmas as a motivation for me to make more pictures. We can plan together events where to make those precious memory bites.
    Number 20 – Once it gets warmer in here you are invited. 🙂
    Number 22 – We should exchange ideas. You know I want to move. 🙂
    Number 30 – hum, I want the same. Either in Holland or San Francisco! 🙂

    My goal is to change my life and start living for real. Easy, right? 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. You know you are always welcome to join on my adventures 🙂 And I know I can always count on you, you are kind like that 🙂

      Ayurveda cooking – I have already signed up with a colleague. It’s a 10-week course. I think it will be every Wednesday starting 18:30 and lasting for 3 hours, because we will be actually cooking. If you want in, I have to check if there are places left, and just keep in mind that probably there are going to be only girls there 🙂 Anyway, you can always be my guinea piglet!
      Massages – I do have an idea for a good massage place, it’s a bit expensive, but they have special offers from time to time. Will PM you.
      Travels – Ah… and the French Riviera is a courtesy of Crazy and her friend circle. I just hopped in on their organization 🙂 I bet Paris is great in April! I do envy you a little.
      Photos – We have a deal!
      Party – Hahaha, or we can just have an Eskimo party! 🙂 with ice cubes.
      Moving out – Definitely!
      Master’s – Oh, my! I am not sure I want to move. I like my life here 🙂 my family & friends, my job… so we’ll see.

      P.S. hmmm I learned so much from you comment. I am starting to like this blogging thing 🙂

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